Nico G – The Road Book EP

‘This is a fantastic EP that guitar lovers will enjoy. Nico G has sublime talent and fans of blues, rock or pop should do themselves a favour and listen to him, or better yet, see him live’. The Wee Review

‘…Believe me, this is simply beautiful. Nico’s talent is obvious and this taster of his work only leaves you wanting a little bit more of the uplifting melodies, pitch-perfect harmonics and beautiful guitar playing which make up The Road Book’.

‘A noticeable feature that is persistent through all the pieces is Nico’s ability to take on a range of styles. One minute, he can elicit a lot of energy and produce toe-tapping rhythms – especially prominent in his re-imagining of The Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black – the next, he plays it smooth, and at another moment takes it down at a softer tone. Throughout, his performances are very slick, and the acoustics are pleasing to the ear’. Small Music Scene

From my new EP, available here !

« I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it »  –  Jimmy Page